I was born in Moscow. I started at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. My first performances I danced in stage of Bolshoi Ballet. After the study (Galina Kuznetsova class) I became the leading ballerina in The Kremlin Ballet in Moscow.

In 1996 I moved to Poland, where I have continue my activity. During my work in Polish National Opera in Warsaw I mastered a technique of modern dance. It was possible that I have been dancing in performances of Mats Ek as well as in Petipa's performances. I believe that mastery of these two techniques is the basis of professional dancers.

During my career I worked with many great artists and choreographers, inter alia, Vladimir Vasilev, Katia Maximova, Mikhail Lavrovski, Nina Timofeeva, Natalia Makarova, Irek Muchamedov, Mats Ek, Yury Grigorovich, Cynthia Harvey, Lena Wennergren-Juras, Ana Laguna, Pompea Santoro, Falco Kapuste.

I graduated from the management's faculty of The Jagiellonian University, Cracow (special competence Culture Management). I finished also Cultural Studies at the Institute of Culture, UJ. In this moment I continuing my education and research in a doctoral studies.
I'm a cooperator of the Obieg Magazine of Culture.

Below you can find main fact about me.


My stage debut

The Cupid 'Don Quixote' / with The Bolshoi Ballet (1985)

Lisa 'La Fille mal gardée' / with The Bolshoi Ballet Academy (1988)

Main repertuary

Odette-Odille 'Swan Lake' (Irek Muchamedov version)
Nikiya 'La Bayadère' (Natalia Makarova version)
Giselle 'Giselle' (chor. M.Petipa)
Cinderella 'Cinderella' (Vladimir Vasilev 's performance)
Soloist 'A Sort Of...' (Mats Ek 's performance)
Woman 'Carmen' (Mats Ek 's performance)
Clara and Snow Queen 'The Nutcracker' ( Andrzej Glegolski version)
Mari 'The Nutcracker' ( A.Petrov version)
Juliet 'Romeo i Juliet' (chor. L.Lavrovsky)
Kitri 'Don Quixote' (chor. M.Petipa)
Ludmilla, Naina 'Ruslan and Ludmilla' (chor. A.Petrov)
Constance 'The Three Musketeers' (chor. A.Prokovsky)
Aurora and Princess Florine 'Sleeping Beauty' ( Y.Grigorovich version)
Maria 'Cavalry camp' (chor. M.Petipa)
Soloist 'Les Sylphides' (chor. M.Fokin)
Night's Tsarina 'Clock Dances' from 'La Gioconda' opera (chor. M.Petipa)
Talioni 'Pas de quatre' (chor. A.Dolin)
Grand Pas Classique (chor. V.Gzovsky)
Dying Swan (chor. M.Fokin)


Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico , Poland , Russia, Spain, Turkey, USA


Diploma of the Third Rudolf Nureyev International Ballet Competition in Budapest (1998).

Diploma from Minister of culture in Poland (2003) for dissemination art of dance.


'Ruslan and Ludmilla' (1993) dir. Oleg Grigorovich; chor. Andrey Petrov
music/libretto Mikhail Glinka
Ludmilla: Anastasia Nabokina
Ruslan: Oleg Korzenkov

...with Volodia Vasiliev
Katia Maximova
Cynthią Harvey
Mats Ek and Lena Wennergren
Natalia Makarova
Yuri Grigorovich
and Natalia Bessmertnova the school

Irina Syrova

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